Workshops & Coaching

Two Day Heal Your Life Workshop

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The heal your life workshop runs over two days and is designed to empower individuals who are willing to change.

It is a concept developed by Louise Hay who is a big believer that loving yourself is the first fundamental step to change.

Another important part of this workshop is learning to let go of the past. These aspects combined will leave you feeling empowered, confident and content within yourself.

Contact Carmel for more information including the price of this two day workshop.

Heal Your Life: For Teens

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Personal responsibility, self-awareness and self-confidence are gifts we wish for all young people. This workshop has been carefully designed to speak to young people in their language.

Throughout this workshop, young people are helped to recognise their own self-worth, take responsibility for their own emotions, and thought how to consciously respond to life’s events. Carmel is an experienced and compassionate workshop leader who understands the difficulties that face this age group in today’s world.

Above all else, this workshop aims to empower young people to value their unique selves and enable them to live a life that is true to them.

Contact Carmel for more information including the price of this workshop.

The Totality Of Possibilities Workshop

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The totality of possibilities workshop teaches you the five keys for emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

It helps you to reclaim your greatness, become aware of any limiting thoughts and learn to accept who and where you are right now.

This workshop is great for those who feel like they have more to offer but are unsure how.

Contact Carmel for more information including the price of this workshop.

Life & Soul Coaching

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Life and soul coaching is comparable to counselling, however the big difference is that life coaching focuses only on the present and the future, with a main goal of moving forward.

This workshop involves emotional de-cluttering, and is considered to be a soul journey.

It can be enlightening, powerful and life changing with many people achieving a happier and healthier relationship with themselves.

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and costs €50. The first session (including the consultation) lasts approximately 90 minutes and costs €75.

Meditation and Guided Imagery Workshop

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The meditation and guided imagery workshop aims to teach you about meditation, guided imagery and the difference between the two.

As part of this you will learn silent meditation techniques, how to balance your chakras and how to use the “Faith Factor” to heal disease.

Contact Carmel for more information including the price of this three day workshop.

Ordering From The Cosmic Kitchen Workshop

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The ordering from the cosmic kitchen workshop teaches you how to create what you really really want.

Imagine the universe is like a cosmic kitchen, with an infinite menu, just waiting to fulfill your orders. This workshop teaches you how to effectively place your orders with this cosmic kitchen.

You will also learn how to us the law of attraction to create what you really want in all aspects of your life (career, relationships, health etc.).

Contact Carmel for more information including the price of this workshop.

Relationships Workshop

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The relationships workshop is a safe space where you can look at relationships in a new light and where you can continue your own personal development at a deeper level.

This workshop will focus on loving yourself as a physical, emotional and spiritual being and will include the opportunity to learn what is right for you in relationships, practice good communication skills and rediscover passion.

It’s all about YOU!

  • Your relationship with yourself
  • Your relationship with food – learning to move from punishing yourself about what you eat, to nourishing yourself with thoughts and food that truly suits us as individuals.
  • Your relationship with the world around you – rediscover your senses and restore your sense of wonder at the world we live in.
  • Your relationship with others – communication is the key and trusting your intuition.
  • Your relationship with your partner – the pathway to true peace in your home is learning to like and love the person with whom you share every moment of your life.

This inspirational workshop which has been created by Eileen Clair is based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.

Workshops are limited to small numbers therefore pre-booking is essential.

Contact Carmel for more information including the price of this workshop.